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Finish Line Fence: Safe Horse Fencing

Finish Line Fence, or Finishlines Safe Horse Fencing, is a polymer-based line fence product that is built specifically for use with horses. Other fencing can severely injure your horse even if installed correctly. Barbed wire can cut your horses's flesh, steel wires can slice and cause entanglement, and even sturdy board and rail fencing can splinter or cause bruising in the event of an accident.

Finish Line's polymer system is built to maintain tension, not cut, and break away at high levels of force meaning far less tangled horses and severe injuries.

If you are looking for a safe horse fencing solution give us a call and try out Finish Line. We promise you'll be happy with the results.

  • Maintenance-free horse fencing

  • Will not lose tension between -40 and 122 degrees F

  • 2,000 feet/spool (white or black)

  • Weighs only 23 pounds

  • Breaking strength is 1,250 pounds/strand (with NO steel wires!)

  • Only horse fence of its kind to contain vital UV inhibitors which prevent breakdown over time

  • Releases if a horse becomes entangled

7-Year 100 % Manufacturer Warranty


Product #: XV511 (white), XV501 (black)

Size: 2,000 Feet Spool

$349.00 $499.00